Cool Infographic about Teachers and Technology

Posted by in Blog on Mar 25, 2013

by Linda Breneman

We talk here a lot about using games in the classroom, but it’s interesting to look at the issue more broadly: how does technology in general fit in classrooms? Some teachers use technology a lot; some fit it in where they can. And many are looking for funding to increase their use of technology.  Let’s face it. Tablets are expensive.  And so are gaming systems.  We get lots of requests here at the foundation for funding for computers and gaming systems that we can’t fulfill.  It seems most school districts think of technology as a place to cut.  But should it be? Maybe technology has the potential to help teachers, and students, be more productive.   The infographic shows that teachers and students like using technology in the classroom. We’d like to see more data on whether technology is a good investment for school districts, too.

Thanks to Allison Morris at for the swell graphic.

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