The Breneman Jaech Foundation is a family foundation based in Seattle. Over the past two decades we have funded projects and organizations doing important work in medical research, social programs, and the arts, with an emphasis on literary arts. We also have a strong interest in international giving.

The Ludus Project is an initiative to provide small grants (for startup, pilot projects, or research) in the emerging disciplines of games-based learning, digital literacy, games for health, persuasive games, meaningful games, etc. THE FUND IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS. GRANT APPLICATIONS ARE NOT BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.

Ludus Project Goal

To further advancements in the research and application of games-based education and digital literacy.

 What We Believe About Learning

  • Learning should be fun.
  • Individual learning styles exist and they should be honored and valued.
  • Learning should be intrinsically motivating; it should foster competence, autonomy, and relatedness.
  • Games-based learning has the potential to increase intrinsic motivation and honor individual learning styles.
  • The world needs more citizens who are digitally literate: who understand how to use technology and are conscious of how technology can affect culture and human behavior.

Ludus Project Priorities

Priority will be given to projects that we judge to have the highest potential for significantly advancing the field—that is, projects that are innovative or original, projects that advance the body of research, or projects that include substantial communication of results to peers or the public.