Why The Ludus Project?

Ready Player One is a rollicking adventure story set in 2045.  It’s the story of Wade Watts, a young man who goes on a treasure hunt in the Oasis, a virtual world people escape to when real life gets too violent and dirty.  In Cline’s dystopian future, many kids go to virtual school in Oasis’s virtual universe on a virtual planet called...

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The Breneman Jaech Foundation is a family foundation based in Seattle. We support education, health, and the arts.  Right now, we are accepting proposals for small, innovative games & learning and digital literacy projects.

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The Breneman Jaech Foundation’s Learning Innovation Grant may be awarded to US-based nonprofits and educational institutions working on digital literacy, games-based learning (GBL), serious games, persuasive games, or games for health. Grants may be up to $5,000 per project.

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  • Why The Ludus Projec...

    Ready Player One is a rollicking adventure...

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    Looking for small, innovative games-based learning projects.

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    Currently accepting applications.